Daniela Schatz
Communication Design and Infographic Design

Berlin (DE) / Innsbruck (AT)

︎︎︎ daniela@danielascha.com

Educational Training

London College of Communication UAL:  
Information Design and Data Visualisation (Online Course)
Academy of Fine Arts Munich
Interior Design (Prof. Gregor G. Eichinger)
HTL – School for Art and Design
︎︎︎ Dipl. -Designer
Graphic Design and Communication Design (Prof. Markus Weithas, Prof. Maja Tzikalova)

Clients / Worked with

Studio Wu Design 無 (Intercultural Design)
Haymon Verlag (Publisher)
Stockwerk2 (Communication Design)
Atelier Christian Mariacher (Information Design)
Atelier Rosa (Interior Design)
Vinylpostcards (Vinyl Manufacturer)
Femble® (Fem-Tech Company)

Layout Design Booklet (insert for the magazine Q-Zine), 2023
Layout Design, Print, Chinese Type
Typeface: Source Han Sans, Vendetta
Team: Yimeng Wu, Milena Bolland (Studio Wu Design無)

Worked in a team with the Berlin-based Studio Wu Design無 on the layout design for Q-Zine, a bilingual (English/Chinese) Art Deco architecture magazine published in Shanghai.

My specific task was to design the layout for a booklet included in Q-Zine, which collects and chronologically lists artists' works. The booklet's concept was developed in team with Studio Wu.

︎︎︎ www.studiowudesign.com

Preview catalogue for the publisher Haymon, 2020 – current
Layout Design, Print, Concept
Typeface: Mercury Text
Team: Katharina Schaller, Nina Gruber, Judith Sallinger
Client: Haymon Verlag

Concept and design of the semi-annual book preview catalogue for the Austrian publisher Haymon Verlag who engages with current topics and provides authors a platform to freely express themselves.

The preview is produced climate-positively and printed Cradle-to-Cradle.

︎︎︎ www.haymonverlag.at

Infographic design, 2022
Information design
Client: Lina Graf, femble®

Infographic design for the FemTech company femble®. With their product innovations, they aim to support women in developing awareness of their own bodies and overall well-being.

Their first product – the Moon-Pad – has been available online since early 2023.

︎︎︎ www.femble.co

Minimalist user manual for music-playing postcards, 2023
Information design, Redesign
Client: Kenneth Winkler, Vinylpostcards®

Redesign of the user manual as an insert for the postcards. The handling is pictured in the form of information graphics. The digital Vinylpostcards turntable is accessed using the QR code, allowing the card to be played online as well.

︎︎︎ www.vinylpostcards.com

Illustration of ornaments, 2020 – current
Personal project

For several years, I have been exploring the intercultural use of ornaments and variations in their shapes across several countries. It's an ongoing personal project that I aim to publish in the future.

The first part is an insight of the project I am currently working on.

The second part is a set of ornaments (“Floral Characters“) and is drawn on a beautiful handmade deckle-edge paper.

Innsbruck Travel Guide and Notebook, 2016
Layout Design, Print, Photography
Support for the project: Prof. Maja Tzikalova
Diploma Thesis; HTL Art and Design

This book was created as a diploma project in collaboration with Valerie Galli and serves as both a travel guide and a notebook.

The text is set in English, and the viewer is presented with tasks designed to encourage drawing or simply enjoying the city.

It is printed on textured natural paper, allowing the use of any pen, thus realizing the idea of a notebook.
The Open-spine allows the book to lie flat on the table, making writing easier.

Book design for the Atelier Hermann Rosa, 2017
Layout Design, Print, Photography
Typeface: Helvetica Neue
Semester project: Prof. Gregor G. Eichinger, Academy of Fine Arts Munich

This book focuses on the house of the German sculptor and architect Hermann Rosa, which is also regarded as a architectural sculpture. 

It was important to visually portray the concept of the building and to explain its peculiarities (concrete, lighting effects, etc.).
Hermann Rosa considered the idea of Cubism down to the smallest detail which is evident throughout (see photographs) – the layout aims to reflect this idea.

Parts of the text were quoted from the editor Martin Bruhin.

︎︎︎ www.atelierrosa.de

Branding for sustainable packaging concept, 2022
Illustration, Type Design
Personal project

Type design for branding a sustainable packaging concept.

The grid is based on the shape of a circle, where the letters are individually drawn.

Cover Design and Booklet, 2019
Cover Design, Photography
Client: Julia Selbherr Castelhano and Guilherme Castelhano (Molly’s Peck)

Design of the album cover for the funk-soul band Molly’s Peck, along with an song booklet featuring handwritten notes.

Berlin-based, since 2016, Julia and Guilherme have been Molly’s Peck, blending diverse influences from all the countries where they have lived at different times. Together with other artists, they have written songs, all of which are collected and recorded in their second album.

︎︎︎ www.mollyspeckmusic.com

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